Chongqing Rail Transit

Chongqing Rail Transit Information

The Chongqing Rail Transit or CRT or Chongqing Metro is a rapid transit system that serves Chongqing in China. The system began operations on 18th June 2005, and presently has 4 lines that serve 92 stations. The system has a total track length of 168 km. Line 1 and Line 6 are Heavy Rail while Line 2 and Line 3 are monorail.. As per 2014 statistics, the metro system had an average daily ridership of 1.1 million passengers and 310 million annually in 2012.

Chongqing Rail Transit Map

Map of Chongqing Rail Transit System showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Chongqing Rail Transit Map in PDF.

Chongqing Rail Transit Hours

The metro service starts operations around 6:30 am and runs until 11:30 pm. The metro operates on all days of a week.

Chongqing Rail Transit Fares, Tickets and Cards

The fare system on the Chongqing metro is distance based. The fare ranges from 2 Yuan to 10 Yuan. The standard fare for a one way ticket or single ticket for a distance of 0-6 km is 2 Yuan, for 6-11 km, the fare is 3 Yuan, for 11-17 km, the fare is 4 Yuan, for a distance of 17-24 km; the standard fare is 5 Yuan. For 24-32 km, the fare is 6 Yuan, for 32-41 km, the fare is 7 Yuan, for 41-51 km, the fare is 8 Yuan, for 51-63 km, the fare is 9 Yuan, and for 63 km and above, the standard fare is 10 Yuan. These single tickets are valid on the date of purchase and can only be used one time.

Another type of ticket is Souvenir ticket. These types of tickets are issued on public holidays and festivals and are specially designed. The validity of the tickets differs as per the activity. Another type of ticket is the fixed journey ticket. This type of ticket can be used to ride the subway for certain fixed times during the validity period of the ticket.

Riders can also make fare payments by using Chongqing Public Transportation Card. This card provides a discount of 10% on the subway fares and can also be used for paying fares on the city buses.

A single journey should get over within 180 minutes otherwise the passengers will be charged a one way highest ticket fee.

Group tickets can also be purchased with provide further discounts per ticket.

Chongqing Rail Transit Parking

Some metro stations offer park and ride facilities to the metro passengers.

Chongqing Rail Transit Rules and Tips

The Chongqing metro provides a cheap and fastest way to get around the city. Smoking, drinking and eating is not allowed in the metro system. Carrying of inflammable substances is strictly prohibited. Transit of small pets is allowed provided they are carried inside carriers. The metro also allows the transit of folding bicycles. Some of the stations also have park and ride facility.

Chongqing Rail Transit Lines

Currently Chongqing rail transit system operates through four lines and some lines are under planning stage. The metro lines serve 92 stations and all the lines are recognized by its color. Line1 and 6 are conventional heavy rail, subways and line 2 & 3 are monorails.

  • Line 1– Line1 was opened to the public in 2011 and the heavy rail, subway line operates between Chaotianmen and Daxuecheng. The length of the route is 36.6km serving 23 stations. 36,000 passengers travel through this line per hour.
  • Line 2– Line 2 was opened in 2005 and the monorail subway line operates between Jiaochangkou and Xinshancun. The length of the route is 19.2km serving 18 stations. An extension of line 2 is currently under construction.
  • Line 3 – Line 3 was opened in 2011 and it runs from north to south linking Yudong and Jiangbei airport together. The length of the route is 55.5km serving 39 stations. Line 3 is world’s longest single monorail line. North extension of line 3 is under construction.
  • Line 6 – Line 6 was opened in 2012 and the heavy rail, subway line operates between Wulidian and Yuelai Beibei. The length of the route is 56.7km serving 18 stations. The extensions on both ends are currently under construction.
  • From line 7 to line 18 are under planning stage.
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