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Seville Metro

Seville Metro Information  The metro service in the Spanish city of Seville finally opened its door to commuters during the spring season of 2008. It has an annual patronage of as many as 14 million passengers. It operates on a small scale, serving just twenty two stations with only three passenger coaches comprising a single… Read More »

Public Transportation in Barcelona

Barcelona ranks among one of the larger cities around the world. However, with an extensive and modern public transport system in place it does not take you too long to get to one point of the city from another. There are frequent tram, bus and metro services that are in operation till late at night.… Read More »

Metro Bilbao

Metro Bilbao Information The Metro service in Bilbao operates between all the major regions in the Bilbao city center and the suburban regions. The prestigious architect, Sir Norman Foster, was in charge of designing the entrances to each of the Metro stations that can be identified very easily thanks to a post bearing three interlinked circles… Read More »

Public Transportation in Madrid

Despite being a city that is fairly large in size, Madrid has a distinct advantage wherein all of its various points of interest, museums and monuments are concentrated within an area that is relatively small. This gives you the opportunity to explore all of the tourist attractions primarily on foot. If you take a walk… Read More »

Madrid Metro

Madrid Metro Information The metro with the most number of elevators. The Madrid metro is known not just for that record but it is also deemed to be the 8th longest metro system in the world. It’s importance to the public transportation division of Madrid, Spain and its people is shown in its annual ridership… Read More »

Barcelona Metro

Public transportation in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Metro Information A metro system that runs mostly underground, the Barcelona Metro system is an extensive network of rapid transit electrified railway lines, consisting of a total of 11 lines. Running through Central Barcelona and the city’s suburbs, the metro system is 144.3 km in length, serving 180 stations in total. Out of the… Read More »