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Public Transportation in Helsinki

While you can fall back on a number of adjectives for providing an apt description of the Finnish capital city of Helsinki, “expansive” is one term that does not quite fit the bill in this regard. If you have a good knowledge of how the tramway in the city works and have a pair of… Read More »

Helsinki Metro

Helsinki Metro Information Exclusive to Finland, the Helsinki Metro can boast to be the only metro system in operation in Finland. Also known for being the world’s most northern metro system, it began operations in 1982. It currently operates on 2 lines, serving just 17 stations. However, if things progress along with the plans, it… Read More »

Helsinki Tram

Helsinki Tram Map

The Helsinki Tram network is an integral part of the public transportation network of Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. It is operated by the Helsinki City Transport Corporation under organisation of the Regional Transport Authority of Helsinki. If you are looking to travel in the city center, then trams are the only means of… Read More »