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Minnesota Metro

Minnesota Metro Map

Minnesota Metro Information A bus and light rail rapid transit system serving the people in the Minnesota metropolitan area of Minneapolis-St.Paul, METRO commenced operations early at the turn of the century. As per data released in 2014, the system comprises three different lines serving as a connection between Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport and Bloomingdale with St.Paul… Read More »

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Public transportation In New York

If the question were ever to be raised as to what is the best means of getting around the city of New York, the answer would inadvertently be “on foot,” thanks mainly due to the fairly heavy traffic present round-the-clock on the city streets. The subway system is a convenient option as well, extending throughout… Read More »

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BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), San Francisco

San Francisco BART Train

 San Francisco BART Map Map of San Francisco BART showing various Route Lines and Stations is below. Click on the Map to zoom it.   San Francisco BART Information BART is a rapid transit system that serves the San Francisco Bay Area. The system began operations on the 11th of September 1972, and presently has… Read More »

New York City Subway System

New York City Subway Map Map of New York City Subway showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. New York City Subway System One of the oldest metro networks of the world, the New York City Subway began setting the benchmark  very early on, since 1904. Most number of stations covered,… Read More »

Washington Metro

Washington Metro Map Map of Washington Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it.   Washington Metro Information Washington metro, also known as Metrorail, serves Washington D.C. and its surrounding suburbs, in the USA. The network began operations on 27th March 1976, and presently has 6 lines that serve 91 stations. Out… Read More »

Metrorail (Miami)

Metrorail (Miami) Information Metrorail (Miami) is the heavy rail rapid transit system that serves 2.2 million inhabitants living in the greater Miami region. The Metrorail started operation in 1984 and the rapid transit system serves 78,100 passengers daily and 21.275 million annually. The total length of the route is 39.3km, serving 23 stations on 2… Read More »

MBTA Subway

MBTA Information Popularly known as “the T”, the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority is the owner of various means of public transportation in Massachusetts, Greater Boston, including the subway service. Given the name of “the T” because of its logo, the MBTA began operations around the year 1990. They manage 4 heavy rail lines and 5… Read More »

SEPTA(Philadelphia Metro)

SEPTA (Philadelphia Metro) Information SEPTA is a U.S transit authority that operates all the major types of transit options like Rapid transit, Interurban, Transit bus, Trolley bus, Commuter rail and Trolley /Streetcar. The system began operations in the year 1965 and presently operates in the county of Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and… Read More »

MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority)

MARTA Information The 8th largest rapid transit in the United States, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, popularly know as MARTA, is the main operator of public transport in Atlanta, Georgia. The busses came into operation slightly earlier than the metro which began in the year 1979. It has 4 operational lines for the metro… Read More »

Staten Island Railway

Staten Island Railway Train

    Staten Island Railway Information The Staten Island Railway holds a place among one of the six other metro lines in the USA, that run all throughout the day and night (24 hours). It consists of just one line, which began operations years ago, sometime around the 1860’s. This single line is operated by… Read More »