Nanjing Metro

Nanjing Metro Information

The Nanjing metro is a rapid transit system that serves the population in the city of Nanjing, China. The system began operations on 3rd September 2005, and presently has two lines, which serve 55 stations. The network has a total track length of 87 kilometers. The system has an annual ridership of 503 million (2014) passengers and a daily ridership of 1.417 million passengers. The metro also set a record on 4th April 2014, for the systems highest ever ridership of 1.723 million passengers.

Nanjing Metro Map

Map of Nanjing Metro showing various lines and Stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Nanjing Metro Map in PDF.

Nanjing Metro Hours

The metro services normally start around 6:00 am and run until 11:00 pm.

Nanjing Metro Fares

The metro system has fares based on the distance travelled. The riders can purchase single journey tickets at stations, from the ticket counters or through the vending machines. Depending on the distance, cost range of the ticket is between 2 Yuan to 4 Yuan. For travelling 8 stations and under, the ticket costs 2 Yuan, 5 Yuan for more than 8 stations

Citizens and visitors can use a Nanjing Public Utility IC Card or Jin Ling Tong or PUIC, which provides a five percent discount on subway fares. The card is a smart card and can be recharged at various outlets within the city as well as at ticket booths at all metro stations. In addition to being used on metro, riders can also use this card for travel on other means of public transportation like city bus, city taxi and ferries. The card can also be used to avail discounts at some tourist attractions, super markets, car parking, washing etc. The card also provides a 20% discount on city bus fares. These cards are personalized as well as non-personalized. Named or personalized cards have an initial fee of 30 Yuan, which is refundable on return. 1 Yuan is charged per month for 30 months. Un-named or non-personalized cards cannot be refunded.

Another card which is meant for citizens is the Nanjing Citizen Card (NJCC). This is a smart card that can be used for public transportation as well as for social security and banking. The card is only valid for Nanjing citizens and others who want to avail the social security services. The card has a fee of 20 Yuan.

Nanjing Metro Parking

Some subway stations offer park and ride facilities to metro passengers.

Nanjing Metro Rules and Tips

The subway provides a fastest and safest way to travel around the city, as the system also covers various attractions and shopping areas within the city. Pets are not allowed on metro. Only guide dogs accompanying the visually impaired people are allowed. If caught, offenders are fined between 20 to 200 Yuan. Bicycles, both folded and un-folded are not allowed on the metro. Eating and drinking inside metro trains is strictly prohibited and people can be fined up to 200 Yuan. People caught without valid tickets are fined strictly. The riders have to pay the highest fare for the route they travelled and also face a penalty fare up to five times the highest rate. The credit score of defaulters will be affected if they failed in paying fares more than three times.

Nanjing Metro Lines

Currently the metro serves 2 lines and some other lines are under construction. The lines are recognized by color.

  • Line 1 – Line 1 was opened in 2005 and it runs north south direction. The underground line runs from Maigaoqiao towards Olympic stadium and the branch line continues towards southwards to the China Pharmaceutical University. The length of the line is 46.2km serving 31 stations.
  • Line 2– Line 2 was opened in 2010 and the metro runs east-west direction. Line 2 operates from Youfangqiao towards Jingtianlu serving 26 stations. The length of the line is 40.8km.

Line 3, line 4, line 10, line S1, line S3 and line S8 are under construction.

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