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Ankara Metro

Ankara Metro Information The Ankara Metro (Ankara Metrosu) is a rapid transit system that serves the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. The system began operations in 1996/1997, and presently has 4 lines that serve 45 stations. The total length of the system in 55.1 km, with the inclusion of the suburban rail the total length… Read More »

Istanbul Metro

Istanbul Metro System

Istanbul Metro Information For the unique geographical position of Istanbul, the metro system has two different sets of lines. One set called the European Lines and the other set called the Asian Lines. Out of the 7 European Lines, only 4 are under operation as of now, with 3 more under construction. The Asian Line comprises… Read More »

Izmir Metro

Izmir Metro Station Platform

Izmir Metro Information With the rise in population in the 1990’s, Izmir reached a point where its public transportation network could no longer support the growing demands of the people. A solution was in need, and so the Izmir metro was born. It began operations in the year 2000, running across just 1 line, serving… Read More »