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Frankfurt U-Bahn Information

The U-Bahn service in Frankfurt is one of the three integral components that forms the backbone of a comprehensive and efficient public transportation network in this German city. An underground transit system, it began operations in the year 1968 and has undergone numerous expansions. At present, the network comprises suburban above-ground lines and three tunnels that run through the city. More than half of the lines in the network runs underground.

The Frankfurt U-Bahn network comprises nine different lines spread across a track length of nearly sixty-five kilometers and is served by a whooping eighty-six stations along the system. Eight of these lines pass through the Frankfurt City Center with the line U9 being the only exception to the rule. Passenger traffic for 2013 was reported to be a staggering one-hundred-and-twenty million people.

The tiddy trains that form a part of the Metro network in Frankfurt cannot be considered anything more than underground trams. Proof for the same can be seen in the fact that immediately upon leaving the city core, most of these vehicles emerge out onto ground level and simply trundle along the city streets. The stations are well maintained and have sufficient lighting although better creativity could have been shown with the look of the places that are done up in dodgy color schemes reminiscent of the eighties. Prominent displays of the destinations are available at the stations while commuters are required to keep in mind the colour of the line or final station in order to negotiate the more complicated stretches of the network. Nearly 321000 people travel daily and Frankfurt metro has an annual ridership of 117.3 million as in 2012.

Frankfurt U-Bahn Timings and Schedule

The timings for the Frankfurt U-Bahn aren’t exactly the same for every line. It generally begins operations at 04:00 am in the morning and runs till sometime around 02:30 am, the next day. This seems to be the schedule the trains follow for weekdays as well as Sundays and other holidays. However, between Friday nights/Saturday mornings-Sunday morning, some of the trains run continuously throughout the night as well as the day. I.e 24 hours.

For more detailed information on the timings and schedule of each of nine different lines, you can visit the official website at:

Frankfurt U-Bahn Fares, Tickets and Cards

There are six different types of tickets available to the passengers of the metro. The fares of the metro however, depend on the number of zones one travels through. A day ticket for an adult travelling through zone 4 costs 9.10 Euros. The same ticket for children between the ages of 6-14 costs 5.45 Euros. A group day ticket for zone 4 costs 15.80 Euros. This ticket is valid for a maximum number of five people per group. These day tickets are valid for the entire day, until the end of service with the services of night buses included.

Passengers can also purchase one-way tickets which can be used for immediate travel only. The one-way ticket valid for only one stop including a change, costs 4.65 Euros for an adult and 2.80 Euros for children. The respective prices represent travel through zone 4. There is another type of ticket available for those people who want to use the metro service to travel a distance of less than 2km. The price of this ticket is 1.80 Euros for adults and just 1 Euro for children.

Frankfurt U-Bahn Routes and Lines

Section Line Route Stations
(and D)
U1 Ginnheim – Römerstadt – Nordwestzentrum – Hauptwache – Willy-Brandt-Platz – Südbahnhof 20
A U2 Bad Homburg-Gonzenheim – Ober-Eschbach – Nieder-Eschbach – Bonames – Hauptwache – Willy-Brandt-Platz –Südbahnhof 21
A U3 Oberursel-Hohemark – Oberursel – Niederursel – Hauptwache – Willy-Brandt-Platz – Südbahnhof 28
(and C+D)
U4 Enkheim – Schäfflestraße – Seckbacher Landstraße – Bornheim – Konstablerwache –
Willy-Brandt-Platz – Hauptbahnhof – Festhalle/Messe – Bockenheimer Warte
B U5 Preungesheim – Eckenheim – Hauptfriedhof – Konstablerwache – Willy-Brandt-Platz – Hauptbahnhof 16
C U6 Heerstraße – Bockenheimer Warte – Hauptwache – Konstablerwache –
C U7 Hausen – Bockenheimer Warte – Hauptwache – Konstablerwache – Eissporthalle –
Hessen-Center – Enkheim
(and D)
U8 Riedberg – Niederursel – Hauptwache – Willy-Brandt-Platz – Südbahnhof 19
(and A)
U9 Nieder-Eschbach – Riedberg – Niederursel – Nordwestzentrum – Römerstadt – Ginnheim 12

Frankfurt U-Bahn Map

Map of Frankfurt U-Bahn showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Frankfurt U-Bahn Map in PDF.

Frankfurt U-Bahn Parking

The metro system does not offer park and ride facilities for cars, therefore it is advisable to reach the stations using some means of public transport.

Frankfurt U-Bahn Services

Bicycles are allowed to be transported via the metro network at no additional cost. However, if it is disturbing other passengers the staff may voice their concern, so be co-operative. It is requested to only use the provided driving space for bicycles, wheelchairs etc, if riding the bicycle inside the stations. Elevator services are available at some of the stations only. There are lockers available for the passengers to use. Each locker costs 3 Euros for 24 hours. In case of lost property, there is a lost property office which provides help in such cases.

For more information on the service provided by the Frankfurt U-Bahn, you can visit the official website at:

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