Contact-less bank cards at London Underground from September

Soon after London Buses stopped accepting cash as fare earlier this month, London Underground seems to be following suite. From September 16th, London Underground would offer its passengers the option to make contact-less payments for their travel. 

Transport for London has announced that customers will soon be able to use one or more contact-less payment methods. EE’s Cash on Tap is one such app that can be installed on mobiles to avail this service.

This new payment system is being seen as a big relief for commuters as they would no longer have to stand in lines to buy tickets or the oyster cards. Passengers would need to make a contact-less account before arrival and will be billed on the basis of their total travel. Over 825,000 commuters of London Buses have been successfully used this system since 2012.

The new system has been tested with over 3000 metro commuters and found to be safe, secure and easy.