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Shenzhen Metro Information

The Shenzhen metro is a rapid transit system that serves Shenzhen city in the Guangdong province in China. The system began operations on 28th December 2004, and presently has 6 lines that serve 149 stations. The system has a total track length of 230.6 km . The metro system has various operators- Shenzhen Metro Group, Shenzhen Metro Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Metro No. 3 Line Operations Branch Co. Ltd and MTR (Shenzhen Co., Ltd.). As per 2016 statistics, the metro had an average daily ridership of 3.9 million passengers & an annual ridership of 1.122 billion passengers. That’s not all, as off now presently, there are around 5 more lines that are under construction which is set to make this massive network, an even bigger one.

Shenzhen Metro Map

Map of Shenzhen Metro showing various Routes, Stations and Lines. Click on the map to enlarge it.

Shenzhen Metro Hours

As of on working days, the trains of the Shenzhen metro operate between 06:30-00:00 am. Whereas, on holidays, the trains run for slightly longer till around 01:00 am, in the morning.

Interval of trains is different on different lines, ranging from 4-12 minutes.

For more information on the timings and frequency, you can view the timetable of the trains on the official website, at:

Shenzhen Metro Fare, Card and Ticket

The fare payment on the metro can be made through single journey tickets or tokens and Shenzhen Transportation card (Shenzhen Tong in Chinese). The tokens are RFID plastic tokens and can be purchased from vending machines installed at stations or from ticket counters. Eight single journey tickets / tokens can be purchased at a time, so the procedure can be repeated for buying more tickets. These tokens are retrieved by the slots at the exit. When these tokens are purchased, they record the station of entry. If the token is not returned at exit, then maximum fare is charged to the passengers.

The fare system on the metro is distance based. For 0-4 km, the fare is CNY 2. Between the distance of 4-12, CNY 1 is charged for every 8 km. After a distance of 12 km, CNY 1 is added for every 6 km and after a distance of 24 km, CNY 1 is added for every 8 km.

The Shenzhen Tong card is a smart card that can be reloaded. Card reader machines are provided at entry and exit of each station. These cards can be re-loaded at vending machines for a minimum of CNY 50. This card also provides a discount of 5% on the ticket price and can also be used on buses.

Senior citizens aged 65 years and above and people with eligible disabilities can ride the metro for free.
Senior citizens aged 60-64 years can avail Senior citizen pass, which entitles them to a discount on ticket prices. Similarly, students of primary, secondary and vocational schools can avail Student Pass to get discounts. Children who are either under the age of 6 or are under the height of 120 cm can ride the metro for free, provided they are accompanied by a fare paying adult. If however, there are two or more kids, then only one kid can ride free, and a full fare applies to the remaining kids. The metro system also issues a Shenzhen special Children pass, for all the children aged 6-14 years. They are provided with a discount of 50%. Passengers can also purchase a day ticket for CNY 20. However, the draw back of this ticket is that it cannot be recharged unlike others.

For more information on the fares, tickets or cards available, you can visit the official website at:

Shenzhen Metro Parking

Shenzhen metro riders can leave their vehicle at the border post. Metro riders can also park their vehicle near park and ride but parking fees has to be paid per hour.

Shenzhen Metro Rules and Tips

While entering the stations, be careful while pushing the AFC gate. It should be not be pushed forcefully. Be quick while using the elevator. Don’t stand at the beginning  of one, pondering whether or whether you should not hop on. It creates a line, which leads to chaos. Always stay behind the yellow line on the platform, pay heed to the beeping sound made by the train at the time when the doors close and no matter what happens, don’t try to venture out on the tracks looking for your dropped belongings or for any other reason. Eating on board the trains is not allowed. The management of the metro have made sure that there are enough measures taken to take care of any kind of emergency situation that may arise.

Shenzhen Metro Lines and Stations

There are six metro lines that travel towards east central part of Shenzhen. The Luobao and Longhua runs through the border and it crosses the Shenzhen special economic zone and Hongkong. So passengers can easily travel towards Hongkong but you have to transfer the metro at Hongkong MTR east rail line. Shenzhen Metro lines are recognized by different name.

Stations on Line 1 of Shenzhen Metro

Luohu – Guomao – Laojie – Grand Theater – Science Museum – Huaqiang Road – Gangxia – Convention & Exhibition Center – Shopping Park – Xiangmihu – Chegongmiao – Zhuzilin – Qiaocheng East – OCT – Window of the World – Baishizhou – Hi-Tech Park – Shenzhen University – Taoyuan – Daxin – Liyumen – Qianhaiwan – Xin’an – Bao’an Center – Bao’an Stadium – Pingzhou – Xixiang – Gushu – Hourui – Airport East

Stations on Line 2 of Shenzhen Metro

Chiwan – Shekou Port – Sea World – Shuiwan – Dongjiaotou – Wanxia – Haiyue – Dengliang – Houhai – Keyuan – Hongshuwan – Window of the World – Qiaocheng North – Shenkang – Antuo Hill – Qiaoxiang – Xiangmi – Xiangmei North – Jingtian – Lianhua West – Futian – Civic Center – Gangxia North – Huaqiang North – Yannan – Grand Theater – Hubei – Huangbeiling – Xinxiu

Stations on Line 3 of Shenzhen Metro

Yitian – Shixia – Shopping Park – Futian – Children’s Palace – Lianhuacun – Huaxin – Tongxinling – Hongling – Laojie – Shaibu – Cuizhu – Tianbei – Shuibei – Caopu – Buji – Mumianwan – Dafen – Danzhutou – Liuyue – Tangkeng – Henggang – Yonghu – He’ao – Universiade – Ailian – Jixiang – Longcheng Square – Nanlian – Shuanglong

Stations on Line 4 of Shenzhen Metro

Futian Checkpoint – Fumin – Convention & Exhibition Center – Civic Center – Children’s Palace – Lianhua North – Shangmeilin – Minle – Baishilong – Shenzhen North Station – Hongshan – Shangtang – Longsheng – Longhua – Qinghu

Stations on Line 5 of Shenzhen Metro

Qianhaiwan – Linhai – Baohua – Bao’an Center – Fanshen – Lingzhi – Honglang North – Xingdong – Liuxiandong – Xili – University Town – Tanglang – Changlingpi – Shenzhen North Station – Minzhi – Wuhe – Bantian – Yangmei – Shangshuijing – Xiashuijing – Changlong – Buji – Baigelong – Buxin – Tai’an – Yijing – Huangbeiling

Stations on Line 11 of Shenzhen Metro

Bitou — Songgang — Houting—- Shajing — Ma’an Hill — Tangwei — Qiaotou — Fuyong—Airport North — Airport — Bihaiwan — Bao’an —Qianhaiwan — Nanshan — Houhai — Hongshuwan South — Chengongmiao—Futian

Yitian – Shixia – Shopping Park – Futian – Children’s Palace – Lianhuacun – Huaxin – Tongxinling – Hongling – Laojie – Shaibu – Cuizhu – Tianbei – Shuibei – Caopu – Buji – Mumianwan – Dafen – Danzhutou – Liuyue – Tangkeng – Henggang – Yonghu – He’ao – Universiade – Ailian – Jixiang – Longcheng Square – Nanlian – Shuanglong

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