Public transportation in Montreal

There is an efficient, clean and safe public transportation system in operation in the city of Montreal. Coupled with your feet, they constitute one of the best and easiest means of exploring the city. Montreal ranks as one of the most walkable cities in the world; however if visitors do feel their feet growing weary they can always make best use of the easy-to-use and cost-efficient Montreal bus and metro services. Cabs are another means of travelling and are available readily all around the city.

Bus service in Montreal

Although Montreal has a very impressive Metro system, the bus service is required to fill in those regions where the rail service does not operate. Figuring out the bus service can at times prove to be extensively tricky but the website of the local transportation authority is one place where details are available. $3 CAD is usually the minimum fare while senior citizens, students and children are provided discounts. A great means of saving money is to purchase a one-day $10 CAD that offers unlimited rides or a Weekend pass for exclusive unlimited travel over the weekends.

Taxi service in Montreal

 If you are unsure of where you are going but need to reach your destination quickly nevertheless, the best option will be to take a cab. The minimum fare for travelling is $3.30 CAD with an additional cost of $2 CAD for every additional two kilometers. Write down the address of your destination (including the cross street) and hand it over to the cab driver once you are inside: this is the easiest tip for visitors who wish to avoid any unwanted confusion.

Metro service in Montreal

The metro service in Montreal forms the backbone of the public transport system in the city. It comprises of four lines and serves as many as sixty-eight stations along a route that is spread out over as many as sixteen-five kilometers of track length. The first Metro service commences operations as early as five in the morning and runs till around one at night. The four lines of Montreal Metro are demarcated in four different colors, details of which are as follows:

  • Green Line: It covers places such as Chateau Dufresne, Olympic Stadium, the Insectarium, Botanical Gardens, the gay village, Atwater Market, downtown shopping area of Montreal and three top universities in the city namely UQAM, Concordia and McGill.
  • Orange Line: It runs along places such as Atwater and Jean-Talon markets, Bell Center, shopping district at St. Denis Street, Plateau Mont-Royal area and Old Montreal while also offering a connection to the commuter trains on the AMT line.
  • Yellow Line: Shortest of the lot, it connects Longueuil Station and Berri-UQAM. Visitors are also given the option of reaching places such as La Ronde Amusement Park and Parc Jean-Drapeau by means of this service.
  • Blue Line: It caters mainly to the needs of commuters travelling to the Universite de Montreal and a host of other residential areas around the city.

Traveling on foot

While the city of Montreal is fairly large, it is easy to navigate around some of its individual neighbourhoods on foot- Vieux Montreal, for example. Travelling around some of the major tourist attractions in the city can also be done easily by means of this heel-to-toe transportation system. Even for the tourists visiting during the winter months, they should not rule out taking a walking tour of the city. The Underground City allows walking along the downtown districts in winter to be a simply warming experience.

Opus Card in Montreal

The Opus Card is a great option for the tourists who wish to make the most of the public transport network in the city but are intent on saving money on their travelling charges. Single trip tickets are also available but can prove to be a little too expensive if you are planning to make frequent trips through the day.

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